Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's Cooking...

I've been making some of the recipes I find on Pinterest.  I have mac and cheese, fries, pizza and that's about it kids in the house so I try to make something more inspired for my husband and I.  I made this polenta and mushroom dish last night.

I really didn't love it.  Weird dense texture and not enough flavor.  My husband liked it though and took leftovers for lunch.  Maybe better re-heated?

Making this for dinner tonight.  I love noodles and I think it's sure to have lots of flavor.

We've been having baby kale salad with tomatoes and sprouts every night too.  We love greens of any kind so I was thrilled to find organic baby kale at Whole Foods.  Super food!

My husband doesn't like any dressing on his salad.  I love the idea of dressing but have never found a store bought one that wasn't basically awful so I put a dab of vegenaise on mine.

Also making a dairy-free caramel sauce for the kids to dip apples.  This one sounds good.

First though, a great way to start the day - an Alton Brown smoothie - yum!

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Air Bohemia said...

What did we ever do without Pinterest, an online magazine without advertising...I love the baby kale in my morning smoothies, it adds a fresh zing 'longside the frozen cranberries.

I'm adding you to my sidebar on Sweet Repose, this was just too much fun...hopefully this weekend a new computer will grace my desk so I can actually get some work done and retire the hampsters that run my a great weekend!