Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Van Dongen's Portraits of Women

When a group of Modern artists exhibited their work in Salon D’Automne in 1905 they were called the wild beasts or the Fauves. The new movement of Fauvism was established as an extreme form of Van Gogh’s post-impressionism, with elements of pointillism and neo-impressionism. The wild beasts of Fauvism painted images of bright colors applied on to the canvas directly from the tube with raw, expressive passion. One of the leading Fauves was a Dutch painter, Kees Van Dongen who is known for his bohemian portraits of high society women.

I love the French Bohemian style of these paintings!  Read more about Van Dongen here.


Alicia Sotherland said...

I enjoyed your post today!!! being a portrait artist myself, i really enjoyed it! thanks for your art appreciation!

Barbara said...

I adore Van Dongen's work! Thanks for the wonderful post!