Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Resolutions - Save Money - Get Sexy!

Have you resolved to save money and look gorgeous for the 2012 New Year?  Sick of baggy sweatpants and ready to be a sex bomb?  Babylon Sisters are here to help.  LOOK!

One word.  Black Slip.  Ok, two words but you can never go wrong with this one.  Black negligee from Babylon Sisters - $32. - fits up to a 34" bust.

This is a totally cute chemise from Anthropologie for $168.

This pale pink baby doll nightie at Babylon Sisters is $32 and fits up to a 34" bust.  Too cute!

This beautiful coral bed jacket is a favorite of mine for a few reasons.  For one thing, this color looks good on everyone - it really does - I've worked in retail.  2.  It doesn't have an entire back so you appear to be "dressed".  And, the best bit of all - it has pockets on the front which can easily hold the remote, kleenex, if you're the tragic type or a small flask of an adult beverage...for medicinal purposes of course.

While we're on the topic, you must check out Babylon Sister's new section "Tonight's the Night".  We will be listing lots more vintage lingerie from our collection in the coming weeks - washing and ironing over it right now - we are nothing if not perfectionists when it comes to our vintage treasures!  These peach satin pj's are the cutest thing - roomy and comfy enough to look like you're not even trying!  xoxo from Babylon Sisters

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