Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday!

My husband turned 50 yesterday.  Here are the gifts he received -

A union jack teapot.  He's English - can't go wrong with this gift!

John Prine tribute album.  I had read good things about it and then listened to a bit of each song on Amazon.  Sounds promising to me but then I'll take anything that includes "Angel from Montgomery".

A "pog mo thoin" (and other languages) leather cuff from Etsy.  If you're younger than 50 and tempted to buy this to look cool,  please resist.  You should really only wear it if you mean it.  At 50 you do.

A sea kayak.  He bought this one for himself.  My son and I thought the two black ovals were parts that open up for us to sit there and my husband could paddle us around.  No.

A 1977 Tom Jones' Greatest Hits album on vinyl.  To get the party started...

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