Thursday, December 15, 2011

Something To THINK About.


Today, I'm thinking about the idea of questioning things and thinking for yourself.  Just as I typed those words my computer turned itself off to "reconfigure".  My first thought was, "Oh no, it's Big Brother!".  Some of you will know what I mean by that.  I've always felt it was important to question authority and not blindly accept things.  I taught this to my three daughters and I'm sure most of their teachers wished I had not been so successful.  I highly recommend it though because you end up with adult children you don't worry as much about.  I can rest calmly on the knowledge that each of them, if faced with some kind of unfair or unbalanced situation is going to respond with "Hell, no!".

What got me thinking about this is the whole CFL thing I linked to in my sidebar.  I was cleaning my stove and realized the bulb in the range hood was flickering strangely.  By the time I got a screwdriver to take the cover off it had actually burnt up.  Not dramatically but enough to make me think things could have been much worse if I hadn't been right there. 

So, a few years ago, whenever these bulbs started to be everywhere we just bought them and put them all over our house.  They cost more but we're "aware", "eco-conscious" and stuff like that.  Someone told us it was the right thing to do.  We didn't question it. 

I had heard inklings that some Republicans here in Texas were against CFLs so I thought I better check out why.  If you read this article you'll see it's because they're lunatics.  But that's another story.

I'm not saying lightbulbs are the most important issue of the day.  I am saying we need to remember to think. I think what's wrong in America today is, well, not enough people start sentences with "I think what's wrong in America today is...".  We don't question things.  I'm not talking about the political trash we're bombarded with everyday - turn off your television!  All that talking is designed to make you stop thinking.

A few weeks ago I was looking up something in the Etsy forums and noticed a thread of snide comments about "the 99%".  As in "the other, not me".  OMG, are you kidding me?  Donald Trump has an Etsy shop?  No, he doesn't.  You are the 99%.

Change has never been easy.  Really a lot of people have to be really uncomfortable to change things.  Too many of us are too comfortable now.  We're not willing to risk anything.  We accept what we're told.

I love the beautiful and idealized version of "hippies" we see today.

But it wasn't really like that for everyone.

So, I'm starting with lightbulbs.  I'm going to research the hell out of it.  I hate the light from them most of the time, they don't fit in many vintage lamps and you don't seem to be able to dispose of them on this planet.  I need to question the whole idea.  Today, lightbulbs - tomorrow...

“You risked your life, but what else have you ever risked? Have you risked disapproval? Have you ever risked economic security? Have you ever risked a belief? I see nothing particularly courageous about risking one's life. So you lose it, you go to your hero's heaven and everything is milk and honey 'til the end of time. Right? You get your reward and suffer no earthly consequences. That's not courage. Real courage is risking something that might force you to rethink your thoughts and suffer change and stretch consciousness. Real courage is risking one's clichés.”

― Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction


la gitana said...

This was some seriously inspiring and powerful shit Ma. I almost started crying. For Real. Fight the powers that be.Amen.

Trailer Park Gypsy said...

Right On!