Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have A Perfect Christmas

This year I'm expecting Christmas to be absolutely perfect.

The house will look just like this from the outside.

The decorations will be beautiful and the fire cozy.

Santa will come and bring gifts

to the adorable children.

Everyone will be so happy.

The food will be fantastic

thanks to Chef.

We'll play games

and other fun family activities.

Everyone will have just the right number of cocktails -

so that no one behaves badly.

Yes, this is the year.  The house looks perfect.

The family's going to be perfect.

I'm perfect.


Linda said...

LOL well said... Too bad it couldn't be perfect...such is life...

So I will wish you a Peace-filled Bohemian Christmas with the wish that things will get better for all...I wish...

Linda XO

Trailer Park Gypsy said...

so are you saying we won't be having pitchers of bloody mary's...