Thursday, October 20, 2011

Comfort Versus Style

I've been thinking about shoes.  Living in Houston, Texas, I don't think about shoes very often.  I wear flip-flops most of the year.  (Loud gasp from fashionistas here___)  I know.  Anyway, it has been a bit cooler the last few days so I was wondering what shoes to wear.

 I absolutely cannot wear heels and never could - even in the disco days - luckily we had platforms!  They look high but your foot is actually quite level.  Just don't fall off while doing the hustle.

I'm also tall enough so don't have that issue.  I think very high heels are a weird thing in real life.

You don't see men doing it, do you?  Why don't women want to move freely? 

It reminds me of those 1950's dresses with the armholes cut so small that women couldn't move their arms too much.  No large gestures.  Hmmm.

That being said, one doesn't need to be TOO comfortable either.  Tempting though they may be, I remember hearing a comedian say that Birkenstocks are an effective method of birth control. 

I happened across this picture of Angelina.  The tan flats with skinny jeans!  Perfect.

Angelina's are from Lanvin.  At around $500, the price is a bit high for me so I'm on a search for a suitable substitute or a great sale.  Wish me luck!

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