Wednesday, September 7, 2011

THE ROYAL BOHEMIANS - From Ralph Lauren to Etsy

Today's post is inspired by an advertising magazine from Ralph Lauren that came with this month's Vanity Fair.  Ralph Lauren is really SUCH an iconic American designer - but with a lot of European influence. One of the designer's featured looks this season is "The Royal Bohemians".

Definitely interesting - but very pricey, I'm sure.  Not to worry!  I'm going to show you how to achieve the look from Etsy sellers at a fraction of the cost.

Here's a lovely crystal candelabra from justmenicki3.

Ok, this oil painting from maryepadian might not be quite as elegant as Ralph's but he's Royal Bohemian family, after all!

Stack of white plates?  We got this! Vintage Mikasa set from ValsVintage Shoppe.

feast4oldeyes has these cut glass water goblets.

Ralph Lauren uses these antique books and sumptuous fabrics to create his Royal Bohemian look.

You can start your collection with these vintage books from BabylonScissors.

You'll find lots of vintage fabric on Etsy, like these beautiful pieces from afarmhouseinfrance.

GothicPetunia has so many gorgeous antique fabrics!

Here's a vintage plaster head sculpture from thevintagelamp to complete the display.

This is how Ralph Lauren accessorizes his Royal Bohemian look.  Can we find it on Etsy?

Absolutely!  Let's start with this brown glitter headband from melissasknits.

These rich gypsy earrings from sunrisetreasures are perfect for the look!

Be sure to wear some feathers in your hair.  Kelseysfeathers has great choices.

Ralph Lauren would never forget the Royal Bohemian dogs and neither would we.

VoyagersK9Apparel has lots of classic choices for dog coats.

SillyBuddy has bow ties for the more sophisticated dog.

This ensemble from hats4brats may be a little over-the-top, but I think even Ralph would approve.


la gitana said...

Very interesting and super inspirational. I have been thinking of taking my bohemian look in a more "upscale" direction and this is exactly how to do it my way.

Linda said...

Wonderful post on how to achieve a Bohemian look at a lower cost...something we can all use right now!! LOL I especially love the look of old books... definitely a Boho look :)