Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dining Al Fresco

Here in Houston, Texas, it's still around 100 degrees most days and really too hot at night to sit outside.  We're really looking forward to the cooler weather when we can eat our meals outside - I mean 'dine al fresco'!  Doesn't that just sound more elegant?

These are clippings I scanned from some of my many journals so the quality isn't too great.  Sorry.  I love this idea of painting the patio stones.

Mismatched glasses and a beautiful tray.

Lots of color!  Why not co-ordinate your furniture, flowers and food?

Rice, coarse salt, and coffee beans will all hold tapers in tumblers to light a still night.

No matter how small or rustic your space, it can be transformed!

How inviting!

A perfect mix of tropical and vintage.

In the vineyard.

A more formal look.

Dining with a view.

Relax after a perfect meal.

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la gitana said...

If it wasn't raining cats and dogs right now I would be outside painting my patio pavers at this moment,Ultra inspiring!