Thursday, August 25, 2011

Treasures from Throwaways

I just adore things made from other things.  Recycling, upcycling, altered art and couture - it's all wonderful if it keeps things out of the landfill!  I found this great book full of funky ideas - LOOK!

I usually find that when I'm looking at decorating books or magazines "Better Homes and Gardens" publications turn out to be my favorites.  This one is from 1976 but has ideas that I think could still be used today.

The first things that caught my eye were these Ham Can Lanterns.  Being vegetarian, I'm not sure if canned ham in this shape of can still exists but if it does these would be fun to make.  They definitely have a bold, modern look.

Ice-Cream Carton Lamps.  Brilliant!

I have seen these old lawn chairs at thrift stores with tattered fabric.  Wouldn't it be great to macrame a whole new look?

More furniture rescued with macrame.

Wheel Rim Stools.

Fantastic painted Victrola Teen Bar.

Amazing painted vintage typewriter.

The thrift stores have so many old neckties - this crazy quilt design wreath is lovely and old-fashioned.

Teeny little furniture made from tin cans - exquisite!

This book is full of tons more great ideas and listed at Babylon Scissors, our paper-themed Etsy shop.