Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's Talk About - RATS!

In an effort to make my blog popular with as many people as possible, I've been thinking about a topic we all enjoy so much - rats. Growing up in the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), my relationship with rats is long and mostly... just awful.

Taking the ferry back and forth between Halifax and Dartmouth is just beautiful and something I miss so much!  The waterfront is lovely.  Just don't focus your eyes on the rocks too much...

or you might notice them crawling with creatures that look exactly nothing like this.

I thought it was strange when I fell in love with the kid's movie Ratatouille.  I'm all about conquering my fears.  My son claims I slept through lightening hitting the plane.

I'm seriously scared of small furry animals that look nothing like this.

I read on a blog that I love that the temple rats of India are well-fed and it's considered lucky if they bite you.  They don't look like this.

Have you seen the Orkin rats?  Excellent.

OMG!  Why have I done this to myself?  It's like talking about my ex-husband and his family.  Now I'm going to have nightmares and the you-know-whats are going to look nothing like this.

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Linda said...

I agree and those Orkin rats are awful to look at...I remember as a kid going to the dump with my Dad and seeing hundreds of them running across the roadway going in,....UGH