Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maximalist Gypsy Bohemian ETSY

Anyone familiar with Etsy might have noticed that the "front page" and sort of prevailing Etsy style is quite minimalist, muted and understated. 

Backgrounds tend to be white or natural wood.

Rust is popular.

The fake mustache shape is all the rage.  Note the natural wood background.

That style is fine but it's just not us.  Babylon Sisters are maximalists.  LOOK!

Here are our handmade hippie curtains called In Your Dreams.  I made them from vintage cotton panels and hand sewed layers of vintage scarves and lace.  I added lots of beads and sequins.  It all took way too long but I loved doing it.

Speaking of taking way too long, I also made this gypsy fortune teller cuff.  Obviously when I start embellishing something I find it hard to stop.

I usually use a plain white background but decided to go for color with some new (old) gypsy-inspired items.  I think these little glasses would be perfect to hold tealights.

Another colorful background for these exotic candleholders.  I love orange and hot pink (the navy blue of India).

I used gold handmade paper as a background for this camel candleholder.

I love all these things but don't have an inch of space for them.  They're all in my Etsy shop now but if I get a bigger house...

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Linda said...

Love the term maximalists!! :)