Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm thinking today about rebellion.   I heard a story this morning on the BBC news about a woman who's driving around in Saudi Arabia.  Apparently, women are not allowed to drive (or vote!) in Saudi Arabia.

She said she was just tired of waiting for a ride.  Rosa Parks was just tired too and look what happened there.  Ladies, start your engines...

A lot of people seem to need to rebel against their parents.  If your mother is very famous and glamourous...

you might have to go to great lengths to become your own person.

There has certainly been lots of rebellion in Ireland.

Hopefully things have finally been worked out.

Here's an idea I like - the old ladies' rebellion.

Last night at Brownies when our 7 year old was reciting the girl scout law she asked me, "What's authority?".  I said I'd tell her later.  Maybe I won't.

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