Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gotta get right with ...whoever

Did you find yourself swept up to heaven this past week-end?

I know, me either ...

Does this mean my Amex is still due?

I'm not really ready anyway.  I have not yet found the  fountain of youth...

and don't even understand the meaning of life.

But I'm seriously thinking, and I mean it this time, we better get right with god (GOD).

Just in case, let's get right with Buddha,

the Goddess,

Allah, who's just a symbol like Prince used to be I guess,


and Muhammed,who we're not even allowed to joke about...

Here in Houston we seem to have vast numbers of people who would be very deserving of getting sucked up (to heaven).

They just don't seem as nice as you'd think very holy people would be.

I've heard about "Texas hospitality" but you don't see much evidence of it in Houston.

I guess the true believers are at their best on Sundays actually IN church, which I don't get to see.

  What if god - I mean GOD ( and all the rest of them) are watching all the time though?  

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Linda said...

This post is so on!!!! :) I love it...keep up the great work!!!