Friday, May 20, 2011

A Glorified Post

I read in someone's Etsy shop awhile ago that it was just "a glorified flea market".  So, I've been thinking about the concept of "glorified". 

If you're familiar with Another Roadside Attraction - and you should be - you'll remember that Amanda and John Paul Ziller's roadside attraction was a GLORIFIED hot dog stand.

You could say that Donald Trump is a GLORIFIED real estate salesman.

It's very popular to GLORIFY job titles.  I'd rather have the cash.

I was raised Catholic.  We're really big on GLORIFYING.

Actually, we GLORIFY the heck out of things, but that's another story.

I mean, the Rolling Stones are just a GLORIFIED rock band, right?

And, really, diamonds are just GLORIFIED rocks.

Those of you who have gay friends - and you should - know that gay men are really good at GLORIFYING everything.

So, I'm thinking that whatever we do today...

Let's take it over the top, shall we?

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