Saturday, April 2, 2011


What's up with two strangers coming to my door early on a Saturday morning with a stack of bibles?  What on earth (or in heaven, I guess) ever gave anyone the idea that it was ok to take your personal spiritual beliefs and try to talk someone else into them by disturbing them at home?

I mean, I get that some people feel they've been given really important information to share.

We all know what can go wrong with this.

Why are they always pushing the same dreary stuff?  Why doesn't anyone ever come to my door with a nice Book of Kells and want to talk about it?

What if I went door-to-door with a Wiccan Book of Shadows to see who might be interested?

What if the cannibals came to the door to tell you all about it?

No one has ever come to my door with a Tibetan Book of the Dead and tried to tell me about it. 

I understand everyone tends to think that their particular religion is the best but no way do I want these people showing up at my door.

No Religion - Listen!

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