Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Streisand Effect

This is just the sort of thing I really enjoy.  I was reading an article on-line and saw a reference to the "Streisand Effect".  WHAT?  How could I not know about this?  I adore Barbra!  I even always remember that she dropped that other "a" from her name!

Basically the idea is that she didn't want anyone to know which house was hers so EVERYONE had to know which house was hers.  Of course they did.  This got me thinking about some other Effects...

An obvious one is the Marilyn/Madonna/Lady Gaga Effect.  Madonna did this whole Marilyn thing - A LOT.  That's fine but now...

She can't really complain when Lady Gaga goes cavorting around with every idea Madonna ever had.  She kind of has a look like she might like to complain but, see, she's backed herself into a corner with the M/M/LG Effect.

Then there's the  "Kirstie Alley Effect" or, as I like to call it, " No You Didn't ".   This is when you talk about something so much you have to pretend it actually happened.  A risky proposition.

Even riskier though is the Willis Moore Effect.  This is when you become disgruntled with your husband and run off with someone half your age.  So far so good.  The full Willis Moore Effect is only felt when your husband not only doesn't try to win you back in the usual ways, he actually thinks it's AWESOME that you're now with the dumb guy from That 70's Show and he's still Bruce Willis.  Darn.

The Beckham Effect is an interesting one that I actually got to experience first-hand at a soccer game in Houston.

The fans sitting behind me looked like some version of this.

Or this.  These 4 or 5 guys, under the full force of the Beckham Effect, spent the whole game spilling beer down our backs and hurling insults at Beckham.  They even included poor Victoria who didn't seem to be there although I'm sure she has the utmost concern about what the hot-dog eating public think of her.

Finally then is the Proust Effect beyond which, against your better judgement, you keep on writing because someone might find you interesting or informative...

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