Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some cool things about Amsterdam

de Waaghals vegetarian restaurant.  Excellent food.  The  name translates to "the dare-devil".  This must seem like a better idea in Dutch.

Sissy-boy.   Cool stuff.

Hole in the Wall Irish pub - for my poor English husband who just needed a Guinness and some "proper food".

I love Monsoon in the UK so I was happy to find an Accessorize.  Cute things for our soon-to-be 7 year -old and I promise I'll save them for her birthday. 

OK, so I drank the two teeny bottles of champagne out of the mini bar.  My husband told me it cost an amount of money that shall not be mentioned here so I bought two teeny-ish bottles to replace those.  A foolish scheme, I admit.  They were obviously the wrong size and the maid was on to us anyway...  It's not like I can take them home in my suitcase.  So, I had  to drink those and now there's two more in the mini bar.  An endless cycle of champagne drinking?  Is this what happened to the French?

I wore myself out going to all the art museums.  This painting is a particular favorite.  The faces are so amazing that it looks like a photograph instead of a painting.   It's "The Meagre Company" by Frans Hals.  I think it should be called "Girls Don't Make Passes at Boys Who Wear Sashes".

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