Monday, March 21, 2011


I have an Etsy shop - Babylon Sisters vintage and handmade.  I love having an on-line shop .  I love Etsy.  For me, it's all good.  Lately though I'm a bit worried because Etsy is having some kind of privacy issue.  I don't really have the attention span to figure it all out but the main thing seems to be that if you buy stuff on Etsy someone might be able to see what you bought.  Not the end of the world - or so I thought.  I couldn't imagine how this could possibly matter because I assumed (wrongly, it seems) that everyone was buying things like tea towels with squirrels on them.

or maybe a tote bag...

with a squirrel on it.

Turns out the problem seems to be that people are buying sex-related items on Etsy (with or without a squirrel) and then when your prospective employer or in-laws google you, your entire Etsy buying past is right there - I guess.  Anyway, I chose to block adult content from my Etsy account a long time ago because I never thought, well, I just never thought.

I do think, however, that lots of people have lots to be embarrassed about when it comes to Etsy.  It's supposed to be a vintage or handmade marketplace. I understand that Etsy makes the money so why would they care.  There's a popular and well known website that points out so many awful things on Etsy.  I'm glad they do it but I wish their job wasn't so easy.  Anyway...

I'm too nice to be Regretsy so my entries are just called - Seriously?  This is what you need to be worried about people seeing you bought.

It's not even the eggs that are for sale, it's the picture of the eggs.


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