Thursday, March 10, 2011


I can't help but notice that when Muammar gets up to face a day of oppression, despotism and brutality he really knows how to dress.

The color combination!  I was reading somewhere that American cuisine is sort of lack of cuisine.  American style is kind of the same idea.  Everyone else seems to have their distinctive and fun outfits to wear.

Nothing says "I will crush you" like gold lame.  It must be nice to have your own 'ethnic' costume and be able to stick to it.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to dress in a way that totally represents who you are and where you came from?

Unfortunately, in my case it would be some female variation of this.

I've always wished to have just a drop of native American blood.  I'd be unbearable!  I would be covered in turquoise jewelry and feathers and change my name to something really long that involves running and bears.

I know we all came from Africa at some point but if I had a more direct link, I'd wear this.

What about this to take the kids to school?  I wear pajama pants one of my husband's jackets with oil company logos.

Guess I'll go get my American ethnic costume on now.  Sigh.

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