Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amsterdam - So far...

Here's what I've seen in Amsterdam - so far.

Lots of  canals and boats although the boats aren't going anywhere - perhaps that's a summer thing.

Bikes.  I read that there are a million bikes in Amsterdam.  It seems like it.

The bikes are fairly terrifying.  While a car might stop for a pedestrian - a bike will not.   So it adds a whole other dimension to walking and sightseeing.  I realized yesterday that I was a bit jet-lagged and needed to go back to the hotel when I was jumping out of the way of phantom bikes.

Grey and I mean GREY skies.  As someone who grew up in Halifax and spends time in England, I know grey and  this is a whole other thing.

We're not actually in the red light district but I did see some girls in windows.  I hope those lights generate some heat because it's really cold.

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