Saturday, February 26, 2011

What NOT to Wear on the Plane *

I'm flying from Houston to Amsterdam today so I think I'll get my outfit ready.

Or, just in case those jeans aren't comfortable ENOUGH...

These only work if you're in training for pro football or under the age of six.

Huge white sneakers.  The exercise shoe of people who do no exercise the world over.

A fun sweater that expresses your unique personality.

A fanny pack.  Because everyone in every foreign country is trying to steal your stuff and they would never think to check the fanny pack.

There, I'm all dressed and ready to go.  I think I'll try to carry this on.

*My apologies to those on the Toronto flight.  I don't mean you.  I tell my husband I can spot the Toronto flight at any airport by their conserative yet tasteful attire.  Try it.

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