Friday, February 4, 2011

The Mom Cave.

The Mom Cave.  What an interesting concept.  Certainly more interesting than that same guy always looking for a man cave on HGTV.  Seriously, every couple looking for a house needs a place for awful leather furniture and a huge television?   Every couple in America likes the house to look "OPEN"  and have "NATURAL" light coming through the windows.  And every couple makes the SAME exact closet jokes.  I prefer House Hunters International when it comes from countries where a million dollars doesn't get you room to stand up straight.  Far more creative.  But I digress...

I like this Mom Cave idea.

Of course, being Moms, a lot of us would have to bring the children to the Mom cave..

A cozy reading corner is lovely.  We don't necessarily ask for pool tables and mini-fridges (well, that's a lie really because I adore a nicely stocked mini-fridge). 

Ideally, yes.

Love this.

And this.

This would make a good sewing corner.  I think our Grandmother's 'Mom Cave's' were probably always their sewing corners. 

This would be my choice for a Mom cave.  I think my husband might argue though that our whole house is a Mom cave.  He's so good about it though.

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