Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Decor Heaven

I don't know exactly how I found  OnHomeDesign but if you want to spend a long time avoiding what you're really supposed to be doing, this is the site for you.  Pages and pages of beautiful homes and gorgeous decorating ideas.  Look!

Great chair.

Carved wood floors.

Beautiful bedroom overlooking the sea.

A villa in Mexico.

Queen Elizabeth rug.

A treehouse!  I want a treehouse!

A flaming seance table.  I kid you not.  This is a must-have if only for the ways you can use it in conversation.  "Sweetie, have you seen my keys?".  "I think they're on the flaming seance table."

A room with a view.

Go check out onhomedesign.com.  Everything else can wait.

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