Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute Guys Through the Ages

The kids went to see the Justin Bieber movie. They loved it.  He's just the cutest thing.  Now.

Of course he is.  His hair does look familiar...

Oh, that's right!  Didn't everyone think Paul was the cutest Beatle?  It goes back much farther than that...

He killed it.  He drug it back to the cave.  He couldn't figure out how to make tools.  We didn't expect much in those days.

Then he figured something out ( a turnip, seriously?) and we pretended to be impressed.  Our first mistake - not all that apple and snake business.

So then we're supposed to believe men busted out and created civilization at some point.  These cave paintings seem to show early penis measuring.  Hmmm.

I know my boyfriend has been off at battle, for like 300 years, but OMG, he's totally cute!

I'm going to have to move it along, historically speaking, but I think you can see where I'm headed with this.

Heavy metal.

Heavy Metal.

You know how the males are always fancier - in peacocks, chickens, etc.?

A cute 70's guy.  O.K., shut-up,  I thought so.

The cute one is in the middle - but you knew that.

I'm pretty sure you can't argue with Bon Jovi's cuteness.  Then or now.

Seriously, guys go so far to impress us with their cuteness - how could we resist?

Just in case you think I'm just being cynical about cute guys, I have one word for you...


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