Monday, January 24, 2011

Throw Another Log on the Fire Honey.

We live in Houston where cold isn't really cold but I do love a fire in the fireplace for old time's sake.  I spent most of my life in Nova Scotia, Canada where cold is no joke and 'wood' equals heat, not a decorative item.

I could show pictures of air-tight furnaces and stoves I have known but they're not so pretty.  Roaring hot and dry (put the kettle on top) but not so pretty.

Love this room.

Get busy painting.

I've had this picture forever.  I can't really explain where it's from but it's so beautiful.

This is from DL & Co..  Douglas Little. Love him.  He makes candles scented with poisonous plants. My kind of guy.

I love this so much but it makes me vaguely sad.  I've been to New Mexico, Arizona, and those gorgeous South-West style states.  It's a whole other thing.  Like how I can't have long grey hair and ruffled skirts with huge turquoise jewelry.  Maybe next life time ( Erykah Badu).

We have a two year old boy in the house so this is our take on the fireplace.  He'd still manage to do something death-defying and destructive.  What's up with that?

If you live in an apartment complex or someplace sketchy just go for candles.


A beautiful decorative fireplace.

A serious fireplace with a serious amount of wood.

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