Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peacock Feathers

I've been thinking I need some peacock feathers.  Peacock feathers were a very popular decorative item in the 1970's and I think they would blend with my whole bohemian gypsy maximalist theme.

My husband suggested I just go up the road to where the wild peacocks of Houston hang out and look for feathers on the ground.  I might try that.

Gypsygirltrinkets has some for sale on Etsy.  That might be easier.

I love this vintage advertising fan from kelleystreetvintage.

A sweet vintage peacock pillowcase from vixendesigner.

This is a great peacock figurine from tapestryoflife.

I would so use this peacock blue vintage suitcase from SassyGrove for my carry-on.  I like how it opens so you could have it in your lap to get your stuff out without ever moving your arms or elbows - if you have to sit in the dreaded COACH class.

These peacock feather earrings from FeatherObsession fall into the category of a trend I did before so should not do again.  They're cool though so you get them.

1 comment:

Moon to Moon said...

I have a fair few that I picked up from a craft shop, I have them in vases with ostrich feathers.
I love them xx