Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Every Idea is a Good Idea...

I love new, innovative ideas as much as the next person but not every idea is a good idea.

I have a bit of trouble of sleeping some nights.  I'm not sure if a small row-boat hanging over me would be soothing or annoying.

Where to display your taxidermy is always a problem, I'm sure.  This is probably not the place.

Not every idea is a good idea.

I'm predicting that decorating our cars is an idea that will eventually become popular.  I'm saying it's probably not a good idea because I know what we're like.

I know many people are devoted to high heels.

Not every idea is a good idea.

New Orleans does need a lot of help.  Not every idea is a good idea.

Maybe doing weird things to our faces is not a good idea. 

Sometimes when you're out someone might say that an Irish Car Bomb is a good idea for a drink.  You know what I'm going to say here...

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