Sunday, January 9, 2011

J'ADORE Jean Paul Gaultier

I love Jean Paul Gaultier.

I don't mean personally.  I am NEVER star-struck.  He might be annoying and I wouldn't want him hanging around the house.

My husband is devoted to this cologne and even wears Jean Paul Gaultier deodorant.  He's British so he can get away with things like that.

What I adore are these fabulous fashions.  LOOK!

I'm a person of Scottish descent so this is my idea of an outfit.


Black.  Layers. Drama.

I'm very pale so I appreciate this look.

I've done Doc's so I know I shouldn't do them again but if I did...

A sofa !  The man is a genius!

O.K. Jean Paul, you can stay in my spare room but only for a couple of months!

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