Thursday, January 20, 2011


I love it when people say they love travelling.   It's so cute in a totally Miss-America-my-dream-is-for-world-peace kind of way.  I'm pretty sure no one loves travelling.  We all love arriving and being there but the travelling bit, not so much.

OK, I'll give you the Bedouins, they do seem to love travelling.  I saw them in Morocco years ago and they definitely spend all day doing dramatic and picturesque things.

For most of us though it's just not that romantic.

We have to wait in long lines wearing such awful clothes.  Wait a minute.  Why are we wearing such awful clothes?  Where have we been?

Something I really enjoyed when I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia was watching people get off the plane in February dressed like this.

When you go out of the airport to find your car it looks like this.  Oh, you mad-cap free spirits who have been on vacation.

I think we need a dress code for travelling.

 We all know casual day has gone too far...

But then if we over-dress it's not good either.   I once wore a pair of fake snake-skin boots on a 10 hour flight.  It's no joke.  It's seriously dumb.

I can't go on with this post.  My eye make-up is burning my eyes from laughing too much.   I love Lady GaGa.  She's bringing hilarious back.

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Odessa Kammel said...

Lady gaga is surely a winner! Haha! Anyway, traveling is synonymous with the words mishaps and happiness. Awful experiences make the quest more colorful. After all, when you look start looking back at the memories, you’ll realize that it’s worth reminiscing. =)