Saturday, January 1, 2011

HEADLINE: Gypsy Sweaters Take Over The World!!

You heard it here first!  Fabulous recycled, re-constructed, up-cycled, bohemian gypsy goddess sweaters are everywhere!  Well, I haven't actually seen anyone wearing one but I would love to and I'm sure I will soon. They are just the most amazing creations!  Using up tons of thrift store sweaters that would otherwise end up in landfill pleases me to no end. 

The first one I ever saw was from Katwise on Etsy.  I have mentioned her before on my blog and her shop is one of my favorites.

Kat is obviously a force of nature! 

Her creations take the cake!  And the pudding and the cookies...

However, these gorgeous sweaters are so in-demand that one would have to get up at dawn on a foggy Friday to possibly get one.  So, some other talented darlings have taken up the cause of spreading recycled gypsy love.  LOOK!

SunspiralAutumn is making these Katwise-inspired fashions.

The bridal version from SnugglePants. I gasp.

Pretty from The Pink Flea.

Here are my thoughts on this - 1.  My clothes are really dull - crazy gypsy sweaters are the way to go.
    2.  I wish I had a serger - what the heck have I been doing with my time?  3.  Wow.

What do you think?

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