Monday, January 31, 2011

When in Amsterdam...

I'm going to Amsterdam with my husband at the end of the month and I'm starting to get a bit worried. 

I've been to Amsterdam before but only the airport.  One of the only things I noticed through my haze of jet lag is that everyone was swilling Heineken at 9:00 a.m..  My husband pointed out that since it's an international airport, perhaps it wasn't 9:00 a.m. THEIR TIME.  Fair enough.

My husband is going for a conference so we're staying here.  That raises questions for the non-swimmer right there.

I thought the coffee shops looked really cute.

But then I read that they're not really about the COFFEE.

Unfortunately, I don't smoke.  Anything.

Then there's the "must-see" Red Light District.  I just don't know if I MUST see it.  I get the whole freedom thing but I'm not sure if I'm a FAN of prostitution.  I might like some brothel-inspired decorating if it's tastefully done I suppose.

Tulips are pretty and Spring-y but I can't really bring that many of them on the plane.

My husband has brought wooden shoes home for the kids before.  They call them 'dancing shoes'.  I have wood floors.  I don't want to stifle their creativity and self-expression but no more dancing shoes.

So the hotel is away from the city center a bit but it says there's good public transport.  Hopefully this is not it.  I have nothing to wear on public transport.  (Thanks Patsy and Edina).

There is a famous street market - Albert Cuyp.  That I can do.

I like the look of the canals and boats.  I'd have no problem trying to peek in the windows of these house-boats all day.

Luckily, the Dutch being, well, Dutch, have more art than you can shake a stick at.

Art it is then...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HAIR Icons of the 1980's

You have to admit that the 1980's was a great time for hair.  Ok, you don't have to admit it but I do or there would be no excuse for many of the pictures hanging around my house.  Not hanging around literally but hidden in drawers.

I remember one particularly cool 80's 'do I had when my younger brother took one look at me and said, "Wow, you look just like Daryl Hall!".  Or was it John Oates?

Tama Janowitz was certainly a hair idol of mine.  I love Slaves of New York.  Book and movie.

"If I had a family motto, it would be 'Do What You Want, You Will Anyway.'" - Tama Janowitz.   Still cool,  still good hair.

Nancy Wilson then.  A Rock Goddess.

Nancy Wilson.  Now.  I searched for some meaningful quotes.  Nancy Wilson.  Rock Goddess.

Stevie Nicks.  I know some will be aghast at this dull photo - for HER.  Love the hair though.  Kind of understated for the time.

Stevie now.  I could quote her and her lyrics for pages (don't test me, I really can).  Here's something really important though - "Lightening strikes, maybe once, maybe twice.".  Think about it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Throw Another Log on the Fire Honey.

We live in Houston where cold isn't really cold but I do love a fire in the fireplace for old time's sake.  I spent most of my life in Nova Scotia, Canada where cold is no joke and 'wood' equals heat, not a decorative item.

I could show pictures of air-tight furnaces and stoves I have known but they're not so pretty.  Roaring hot and dry (put the kettle on top) but not so pretty.

Love this room.

Get busy painting.

I've had this picture forever.  I can't really explain where it's from but it's so beautiful.

This is from DL & Co..  Douglas Little. Love him.  He makes candles scented with poisonous plants. My kind of guy.

I love this so much but it makes me vaguely sad.  I've been to New Mexico, Arizona, and those gorgeous South-West style states.  It's a whole other thing.  Like how I can't have long grey hair and ruffled skirts with huge turquoise jewelry.  Maybe next life time ( Erykah Badu).

We have a two year old boy in the house so this is our take on the fireplace.  He'd still manage to do something death-defying and destructive.  What's up with that?

If you live in an apartment complex or someplace sketchy just go for candles.


A beautiful decorative fireplace.

A serious fireplace with a serious amount of wood.

Friday, January 21, 2011

How you can tell you're on my Etsy shop and not....somewhere else.

I love my Etsy shop.  It's the best thing ever for me - I live in the thrift stores anyway and adore old things.  I know I'm not going to get rich from it but every sale thrills me.  The people are so nice - so positive - so inspiring!

Every once in a while though, someone convos (contacts) me with questions that make me go hmmm.  I'm not intending to go all Ricky Gervais (the big meany, I guess) but seriously.  "If you look at it under a bright light are there any hairline cracks, discoloration, uneven spots, etc., etc.".  We'd be talking about a 1960's made in Japan ceramic doggie planter - selling for maybe $12.  Yes, sweetie-darling, it has ALL of those things!

Here are some ways my most special customers can tell that they're on my Etsy shop and not...somewhere else.

This beautiful vintage catalin radio was listed by Bonhams, New York as an IMPORTANT piece in an auction considered to be " another benchmark in the collecting history of vintage radios".  Estimated prices for radios in this auction ranged from $5,000 to $25,000.  You might want to ask them some detailed questions.

If you were browsing my Etsy shop you might come across this vintage 1980's Fisher Price Toyland radio 795.  It's not really IMPORTANT but the words to the song are on the back.  Shows some wear.  $12.  Convo me with any questions and price is negotiable.

This Louis Vuitton Globe-Trotter suitcase has been in production since the 1920s.  Priced from $1,820.  The Best Travel Gear for the Man on the Go.

This blue suitcase from Babylon Sisters would also hold stuff if you were On the Go.  It's $36.  Yes, it has some scratches and scuffs but the price is right and if you're On the Go it will probably get more.  Estimated savings $1784.  Please convo with any questions.

Paintings by the Dutch Masters can fetch millions of dollars at auction.

This original Dutch oil painting is $48 from Babylon Sisters and, hello, it has a windmill in it!

This Staffordshire dog is priced at about $200.  I don't think you need to convo them to see that it might be less than perfect under a bright light.

I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a dog figurine but this one from Babylon Sisters is probably cuter.  Admit it.  It's $12.

I know the sacred and miraculous Shroud of Turin would never be for sale.

Oh wait, it is actually.  Look at these quality items!

I was raised Catholic so fear and guilt prevent me from making light of this particular subject but I'm just saying I've got these hankies for sale in my shop for only $28.  Add your own image of - well, you know who.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I love it when people say they love travelling.   It's so cute in a totally Miss-America-my-dream-is-for-world-peace kind of way.  I'm pretty sure no one loves travelling.  We all love arriving and being there but the travelling bit, not so much.

OK, I'll give you the Bedouins, they do seem to love travelling.  I saw them in Morocco years ago and they definitely spend all day doing dramatic and picturesque things.

For most of us though it's just not that romantic.

We have to wait in long lines wearing such awful clothes.  Wait a minute.  Why are we wearing such awful clothes?  Where have we been?

Something I really enjoyed when I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia was watching people get off the plane in February dressed like this.

When you go out of the airport to find your car it looks like this.  Oh, you mad-cap free spirits who have been on vacation.

I think we need a dress code for travelling.

 We all know casual day has gone too far...

But then if we over-dress it's not good either.   I once wore a pair of fake snake-skin boots on a 10 hour flight.  It's no joke.  It's seriously dumb.

I can't go on with this post.  My eye make-up is burning my eyes from laughing too much.   I love Lady GaGa.  She's bringing hilarious back.