Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Talk About SOUP

I love soup!  I could live on tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and mostly do.  Now that it's a bit cooler here in the south,  I've been thinking about some of my favorite soup recipes.  If you're tired of all the rich Thanksgiving food and just want some (low-calorie) comfort - soup is the way to go!

My Mom makes this spinach and tortellini soup and it's fantastic!  I would have never thought it was remotely 'Weight Watcher's"  but there you go - I told you soup was a great idea!

I used to work in a restaurant where every customer was obsessed with the chef's carrot and dill soup.  Make this vegan version and find out why!

Vegetable barley soup from the Vegan Family House in Northern Scotland.

I've been making tomato rice soup from Diet for a Small Planet for years.  Add a grilled cheese and voila - the perfect meal!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Non-Traditional Christmas Tree?

I was thinking of buying this Christmas tree.  It's a good price and has LED lights which my husband wants and a reviewer on the Home Depot site says are "the best Christmas decoration idea in 2000 years".  Can't beat that...

Nice, traditional, energy-efficient.

But when I started looking I found you could break out of the mold - literally!  Here are some different, unique and slightly crazy Christmas tree ideas if you're tired of the same old thing.  LOOK!

The upside-down Christmas tree apparently IS traditional to some people - who knew?

The empty beer bottle tree.  Perhaps not that practical, especially if you drank all that beer.

It wouldn't match my house, but I would love a pink Christmas tree.

We can't forget our gothically-inclined friends!

Something for the lazy people...

A fun, hip and very loft-ish Christmas tree.

I really like the irony of this one.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby, It's Cold in Houston (Well, kind of)

It doesn't really get very cold in Houston.  We spend most of the year hot as h...  When it does get even slightly chilly we go completely fashion crazy.  Everyone will have on their fresh hoodie, cute jacket, stylish boots - all of the things they've been just dying to wear.

Here are some really cute and warm vintage Etsy finds.  LOOK!

Love this elegant fake fur from swannegrace.

If the first coat is very Audrey Hepburn,  this one is very Patricia Neal - from IKAHN

Great poncho - great crazy hair.  From luckyvintage seattle.

Perfect with that poncho would be these vintage Frye boots from skinandwood.

How cute is this vintage handknit sweater from funkomavintage !

That pink sweater and crinoline definitely calls for these vintage Doc's from laurelinsailor.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here Two Days, Gone Forever

Babylon Sisters went downtown Houston today to see the Via Colori street painting festival.  Several streets were closed off with about 200 artists painting right on the pavement.  Well, pastelling actually.  The artists were all using pastels and then blending with spray bottles of water.  Tomorrow will be the judging day so not all of the creations were finished but here are a few of our favorites.  LOOK!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Miller's Residence London UK

I was browsing through some beautiful bedrooms at The Paris Apartment and came across one that looked familiar.  I realized I had slept in that room!  This is not something that happens often when I'm looking at fantastic decorating blogs.  LOOK!

It's the William Blake room at Miller's Residence in London.  My husband and I stayed there a few years ago on a trip to England.  I had booked it on-line not knowing much more than it looked cool and bohemian and was in the area we wanted to be - Notting Hill, I think.  The rooms, only about 6 or so, were all named after romantic poets. 

I remember we arrived quite exhausted lugging huge suitcases after much parking drama.  I had called ahead to ask if there was parking and the guy on the phone thought that was really funny.  It was a non-descript red door on a side street so you'd never know it was there if you weren't looking.  We had to carry our suitcases up a very long staircase. A long, fabulous, antique- filled staircase! I was in maximalist heaven! 

This is the main room where guests can just hang out.  Breakfast is also served here.   When I asked for a glass of wine, the Millers handed me a lovely bottle and a bucket of ice - my kind of people!

Sadly, the web site says they're closed for major refurbishments.  I don't know how they could possible improve it.  Here are a couple of the other guest rooms -

Definitely NOT the Holiday Inn.  I hope they re-open because I'd love to go back.  They even had their own Miller's gin in tiny little bottles - so English!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Girl from Yesterday

One of the Babylon Sisters has a new Etsy shop!  The Girl from Yesterday - selling beautiful and unique jewelry handmade from new and vintage beads.  So far, listed in the shop are these fab 'memory wire' bracelets.  LOOK!

Midnight Memory Wire Bracelet

Forever Amber Memory Wire Bracelet

Magical Mermaid Memory Wire Bracelet

Of course, this means we're busy scouring the thrift stores looking for vintage beads.  Not too easy to find.  Here are two necklace and earrings sets too beautiful to take apart for the beads - they'll go in my Etsy shop.

Decrepit Doors Fort Worth Texas Stockyards

I recently accompanied my husband on a business trip to the historic Stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas.  The most visited tourist destination in Texas, we were told by a friendly bartender!  Amazing when you think that I could swear someone told us that at the Alamo and maybe even some other places in Texas.  Who knows?

Anyway, because what I do is walk around and look at stuff - here's what I noticed about the historic Stockyards of Fort Worth Texas - decrepit doors.  I'll leave you to decide if you might enter these doors - LOOK!

At this point, I must apologize for my camera.  It was involved in a bizarre gardening accident so the pictures are quite grainy but, seriously, this whole door thing... - LOOK!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I found a McCall's Needlework and Craft magazine from 1971 at a thrift shop and just had to share.  LOOK!

It's a large format magazine (about 13 by 10.5") that cost $1.00 in 1971.  Did that seem like a lot in 1971?  I don't know but there are really TONS of patterns in it!

Super-cool crocheted sweaters.

Very Linda Rondstadt!

An entire phentex phamily!

I would totally make these knitted aliens...

I had a relative with this hair and that eye-shadow.  She was really cranky and smoked.  I thought she was awesome!