Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your First Christmas

 It's the Christmas season and some people are NOT merry.  Some people are anxious, confused and terrified.  Who?, you might ask.  Surely not Babylon Sisters!  Well, no, Babylon Sisters are always perfectly composed.  The people I'm referring to are those in a brand new relationship.  The dreaded first Christmas with a new boyfriend!

Gift?  No gift?  Gift of equal value?  Gift too personal?  Gift not personal enough?  Will he think I'm psycho?  Is he actually psycho?  You know what I'm talking about...

from RedRavenNest

Fortunately, Babylon Sisters and Etsy are here to help with these great and mostly non-commital gift ideas for the male sort of in your life.

When you're "just not there yet", it's the I Like You bell.

Was he swilling way too many Bud Lights at dinner?  Send a gentle message with the booze hound.

The secret stash book is really a gift for both of you.  He can hide stuff and you'll know where it is.

Do you suspect he may have serious emotional problems?  Give him this priest doll and watch his reaction carefully.

Test his level of commitment.  If he really cared about you, he'd wear the shirt you gave him.

If he likes this George Michael record too much you might have to think twice.  Did you meet him through your hairdresser?

You could pretend you knit this whiskey bottle cover yourself, but will a relationship built on lies really last?

These love-themed plaques are a clever solution to the first gift problem.   You're indirectly saying "I love you" or, if he finds that creepy, it's just art!

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