Monday, December 13, 2010

To Dye or Not to Dye - That is ALWAYS the Question!

So, I'm thinking about hair dye.  Most days, I'm thinking about hair dye.  My natural color is probably dirty blonde with some amount of grey.  This is pure speculation on my part, since I haven't seen my natural color since I was about 15 and sprayed in "Sun-In" on the beach.  I'm pretty sure "Sun-In" would be illegal now.

Right now my hair is "blonde", or should I say, L'Oreal Ultra-Light Natural Blonde - with bad roots.  Then there's the purple from Halloween that's now a vicious hot pink that will not go away - ever.

Ever since I went to New Mexico and Arizona a couple of years ago, I've been thinking I should just have long grey hair.  I would also need to have long skirts, short jackets, huge turquoise jewelry, and perhaps become a potter.  This might not work in Houston.  What to do?

Maybe the first person anyone thinks about with glorious grey hair is Emmylou Harris.  Well, guess what, she had glorious dark hair too and no one looks like her.  Period.

Then, there's our Anderson.  He is totally cute but what I love about him the most is how he stood up for New Orleans when it seemed to us like no one else was.  That's a whole other subject...  

My hair might look like this from behind if I had real grey hair.  This is about how curly it is.  But, if I turned around, ...

Helen Mirren is a sex-bomb so I'm not even thinking mere mortals can look like this!

This is what my hair looks like.  The curls, the grey - really.

Gorgeous or scary?  Do I dare?    


bohomystic said...

loving your blog.... i feel like i've been here before..... de ja vu?


Milk No Sugar said...

OOoooo that bottom picture is so beautiful.

Personally I say leave it grey. Grey is such a beautiful hair colour, representing wisdom, confidence, maturity and acceptance with oneself.

Nothing is more attractive than that!

tascha said...

I wear my hair grey and I love it!
P.S. I just turned 42.

Marisa said...

Go for it!!! I love the last picture. I am 54 and going natural...lots of grey down past my shoulders now and extremely curly bot with a large curling iron I can tame it down to resemble the last picture.

Dina said...

I know this is a really old post, but I stumbled upon it and it's a subject I've been thinking so much about, lately!
I'd say you should only let it go natural if you feel strongly about it and are prepared for the pushback from family & friends and the constant self-questioning! I started dying my naturally dirty-blonde hair when I was about 18 and I've been every shade of red or blonde that there is. About 2 years ago I got tired of the whole thing and decide to let it grow in gray. Now it's salt & pepper ash blonde & silver with a huge white streak in the front. Some days I think It looks awesome and I'm a trailblazer, other days I feel like a sea hag.
So...this post was a while back...what have you done since then? Let it grow?
I think I'll do a blog post of my own on the subject some day soon.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, I know this post comes quite late from your original but I'd like to say that I love your hair and please don't dye it / dye it again if you have already (unless you totally love it dyed and then good for you).

I'm 32 and also have long grey hair with a white streak on one side and two stripes of auburn at the front. I started to go grey in my mid 20's (which I noticed once I grew out of dying it every color possible) which is doing well for my family as both my mum and granddad were white by their mid-20's.

I love the color and think it's so unique, why settle for 'just' brunette or blonde or red head, when you can have a unique color like ours. The only thing that I can suggest (if you haven't already done it) is to invest in a good range of grey specific products as they really make a difference to the state of my hair. I also put uv protector on in the summer, as this helps to reduce the brassy blond that builds up in the lengths.

When our type of hair is short, it tends to be easy to keep bright white / grey, but the longer it gets the more we need to maintain it to reduce the yellowing. I use a blue shampoo and a once a week treatment, as well as specific deep conditioning for grey hair. I've bought the L'oreal silver in the past and now use a cheaper version as it has the same overall effect at about a 1/4 of the price.

I'd also love to know what you decided to do with your hair, please update.


Anonymous said...

Please keep your grey hair, it's beautiful!