Friday, December 10, 2010

Three Good Things

I saw three heartwarming things yesterday while I was out running errands.  Sort of like the Liberty Mutual commercial.  One was some guys hopping out of their car at an intersection and pushing a stalled car into a gas station.  No big deal, you might think, but this is Houston, Texas where it's vitually impossible to get anyone to even slow down let alone get out of their cars.

Next, as I was going into the post office a woman about my age said she noticed the little sticker on my car that says "Be a New Orleanian Wherever You Are".  As will happen with people who went through Hurricane Katrina, when we started talking to each other we couldn't stop.  We had SO much in common.  We ended up hugging and she is someone I would like to meet again in my life.

The third thing was probably more along the lines of life-saving rather than heartwarming.  Again, I was driving and noticed some commotion at the intersection.  Someone had been going the wrong way into 5 lanes of on-coming traffic.  Some guys had jumped out of their van and stopped him.  They seem to have been standing in front of his car until the police got there.  When the police got the man out of his car he was so drunk (or something) he could barely walk!  The guys ran back to their car and sped off like super-heroes.  Wow.

In honor of this heartwarming day I found this heartwarming recipe and will make it and enjoy it with my family - all of whom I never cease to be thankful for.

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