Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today I'm thinking about opulence.  I'm not sure why - I don't think there's much of a link to my present reality.  Maybe I'm just dreaming of rooms that don't have three large dogs and a baby smearing pop-tarts all over everything...

I love the gold border on the walls in this room.  From The Paris Traveler

Another beautiful room from WeddingSutra.  There's not much more opulent than Indian weddings.

I don't really care what they serve - I love this very opulent restaurant.

A lovely nursery - obviously for someone without children.

What to wear when you're lounging around opulent rooms.  This picture is called "Drink like a Fish".

This and lots of other opulent rooms at Style Key West.

The once-opulent Lynnewood Hall in New Jersey.

A crazy or opulent bathroom?

Luna Parc.  My kind of opulence.

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