Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Curl up with a GOOD BOOK

If it's cold where you are you might need some suggestions for good books to read.  Make a fire and some hot chocolate and curl up (or stretch out) with one of these...

Books I love - in no particular order...

"Once the sun sets, I tend to embrace whatever wind spirits are running around in the darkness, talking away to each other.  I leave the logic of the streets and pavement and cars and tall buildings behind and buy into the old magics that they're whispering about."  Someplace to be Flying.

Winter's Tale is so magical and surreal it will become totally real to you - if that makes sense. 

I have searched the ceiling of Grand Central Station for Peter Lake.

My second (or possibly third) copy of Another Roadside Attraction looks like this.  I love all of Tom Robbins' books but this was the first one I ever read and is still my favorite.

The Mists of Avalon  - let's just put it this way - I have a blue crescent moon tattoo. 

Lives of the Saints and every word Nancy Lemann has ever written.  Especially for those of us who love New Orleans so much it hurts.

I add this last book - Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell for those with a lot of time and dedication.  You probably need to be a little 'Strange' yourself, but you will be rewarded.

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