Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold and Hungry - Something you may not know about ENGLAND

It's a bit cold in Houston today and I got thinking about delicious British vegetarian food.  My husband is from Nottingham, England, so we've travelled a lot around the UK.  It's vegetarian heaven!  No matter what homey little pub you might find, there will be a vegetarian option on the menu.  Much more than I can say for Canada and the US where I've been stuck with salad and maybe a baked potato many times.

Here are a few favorites -

This is one of the most common meals I have when I'm in the UK - some kind of savory tart with some delicious leaves on the side.

Sandwiches!  Here's another thing - and my husband and son will attest to this since they have to put up with me ranting about it - sandwiches are delicious in England.  I don't mean a gourmet sandwich in a bistro.  I mean stop at the gas station.  Seriously.  A chef friend of ours who went to Italy said it was the same there.  What's up with that?  No one has ever eaten a gas station sandwich in the US.  They're all the same sandwiches -  just for display.  Like that fruitcake.

Since we're in England and our diet is blown anyway, let's have some jam roly poly with custard for dessert (pudding)!

So I think I've busted the myth of the 'awful' British food.  If anyone of the British vegetarian persuation happens to read this - please comment and back me up!


Milk No Sugar said...

As an English Vegetarian, I can defiantly back you up! Where I live in Bristol there are seriously hundreds of vegetarian restaurants. Specialist Indian curry houses, Chilean restaurants, my favourite is a vegan Jamaican restaurant! And every restaurant would defiantly have at least 2 good vegetarian options, there are so many of us here!

As for vegetarian bangers and mash, that is my favourite British Grub, don't forget the onion gravy!

p.s. I used to work in Nottingham, great city!

Milk No Sugar said...
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Milk No Sugar said...

I have just read that 11% of our population is vegetarian and the figure is expected to rise by 3% by next year. That is why we have all the good grub.


Exactly! I, on the other hand, live in Houston. Here there are actually restaurants called Land and Cattle or Steak and Ale.