Friday, December 24, 2010

The Blog before the Storm

Our Christmas Eve supper will be about New Orleans - our beautiful city we left five years ago.  We evacuated the Saturday before Hurricane Katrina with two cars full of adults, babies, dogs and cats and little else.  It was weeks before we knew if everyone we knew was still alive (they were) and months before we knew if we still owned anything (we did).  We were so, so lucky when many others were not. 

Tomorrow will be traditional turkey dinner, etc., but tonight is all about NOLA!

Frank Davis' Y'at Style macaroni and cheese.  The name of the recipe seems to have been changed to 'Chalmation' macaroni and cheese, but, no matter, pour on the hot sauce and enjoy!

Shrimp Creole.  Also Frank Davis' recipe.

Lots of Zatarain's rice.

Spicy Bloody Marys (and other adult beverages).  Yeah, you're right!

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