Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Non-Traditional Christmas Tree?

I was thinking of buying this Christmas tree.  It's a good price and has LED lights which my husband wants and a reviewer on the Home Depot site says are "the best Christmas decoration idea in 2000 years".  Can't beat that...

Nice, traditional, energy-efficient.

But when I started looking I found you could break out of the mold - literally!  Here are some different, unique and slightly crazy Christmas tree ideas if you're tired of the same old thing.  LOOK!

The upside-down Christmas tree apparently IS traditional to some people - who knew?

The empty beer bottle tree.  Perhaps not that practical, especially if you drank all that beer.

It wouldn't match my house, but I would love a pink Christmas tree.

We can't forget our gothically-inclined friends!

Something for the lazy people...

A fun, hip and very loft-ish Christmas tree.

I really like the irony of this one.

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