Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Talk About SOUP

I love soup!  I could live on tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and mostly do.  Now that it's a bit cooler here in the south,  I've been thinking about some of my favorite soup recipes.  If you're tired of all the rich Thanksgiving food and just want some (low-calorie) comfort - soup is the way to go!

My Mom makes this spinach and tortellini soup and it's fantastic!  I would have never thought it was remotely 'Weight Watcher's"  but there you go - I told you soup was a great idea!

I used to work in a restaurant where every customer was obsessed with the chef's carrot and dill soup.  Make this vegan version and find out why!

Vegetable barley soup from the Vegan Family House in Northern Scotland.

I've been making tomato rice soup from Diet for a Small Planet for years.  Add a grilled cheese and voila - the perfect meal!

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Moon to Moon Interiors said...

Oh wow, that bottom one!
I am gong to be having a cheese toastie with my soup tonight :)