Friday, November 5, 2010

An Indian Summer

An Indian Summer  is pretty much the most beautiful blog in the universe.  I love the Indian decorating style.  The colors are fantastic - remember, "hot pink is the navy blue of India" - Dianna Vreeland.  The architecture is fabulous (and mostly ancient).  The textiles are gorgeous!

While I do think you'd have to go to India to find some of these treasures, there are definitely some things that are easily available at thrift stores to help achieve the Indian Summer style.  Look!

Frames.  Thrift stores have massive amounts of frames.  Jot down measurements and keep with you - you WILL find what you're looking for.

Brass.  There's actually so much brass in thrift stores it's easy to overlook.  But look at how a few select and shiny pieces work with the bright colored walls.

Candle Sticks.  Tons.  Don't pay full price - they're easy to find and cheap.

Huge lamps.  Look again.  A lamp that might look ghastly in the store might be a great accent away from all the others and with a new shade.  Be prepared to spend a bit on the shade though unless you're super-lucky.  The shades and lamps are almost always separated in the thrift stores and the shades are often bad.

Curtains.  Remember the old-fashioned 'sheers' our Grandmothers would have had?  They're out there!  You can buy mountains of them cheap-cheap and use them in totally modern and exotic ways.  Reading An Indian Summer will totally inspire you - I promise! 

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