Friday, October 1, 2010

Tis' the Season to be ORANGE

It's Fall - Babylon Sisters' absolute favorite time of year!  Even here in Houston it's fall-ish.  Well, not blazing hot anyway.  Here are some touches of orange around our house -

Our front door just happens to be orange so it's a great starting point for fall (and Halloween) decorating.

The metal plant holder we got from someone's garbage a few weeks ago with some Spanish moss, herbs and the first little pumpkins of the season.  The round sign above is Gaelic and says "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes", but you knew that.

Babylon Sisters found this at a thrift store for $6!  I was so excited but realized it was only fair that my sister should have it since she spotted it first.  Image my surprise when she said she found it creepy!  Score!  I added the hat for a festive touch - this family looks like they could use it.

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