Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Fall Day in Spring

Babylon Sisters went and wandered around Old Town Spring, Texas today.  Just looking for some inspiration on such a beautiful day.  We found lots - most of all at the gorgeous "Thads".  Look!

A Grand Entrance!

Love the window treatments!  Love the lamps!  Love the luxury!

Just in case you're not totally convinced of Thad's decorating superiority - this black and white wall is completely stencilled.  No easy-way-out wallpapering for Thad!

I do have to say at this point though that Babylon Sisters bought absolutely nothing at Thads.  Yes, we are those annoying people who look at everything and say "I could make that", or worse, "We'll find that at a thrift store".  We just can't help it!  We did happen to run into the local Goodwill in Spring, Texas and find two little vintage still lifes for our kitchen and two Enid Collins purses for our shop.  Thrift stores are the best! (Sorry, Thad!)

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