Sunday, October 17, 2010

Babylon Sisters Pretty Much Rock

I like to do a major decorating project when my husband travels.  I can make a mess and leave it - I don't have to stop and make supper, etc..  Well, he's in Europe for three weeks but in only one day (and $300) we redecorated the living room.  LOOK!

O.K., listen to this - the never-used, custom-made, down-filled red velvet-covered sofa was $150.  The two contrasting custom gold and red chairs were $50 each.  The round painted table used for a coffee table was $20.  Everything else we had somewhere in the house.

The three old suitcases add storage and character for about $5 each.

Maybe because we travel so much, globes are kind of a theme with us.  This light-up version is perfect.

One of our all time favorite pieces - this mid-century console (free from the curb in New Orleans) with some things we love on top and a 50's blue moon lamp.

This 'new' fabulous furniture came from a thrift shop that helps to support a women's shelter.  Seriously, it's a win-win situation to recyle and reuse!  AND your husband will be totally impressed when he gets back from his world travels!

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