Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Room Without A View

Do you have a room with a less than spectacular view?  Here are a few fun solutions - all taken from a 1983 Better Homes and Gardens 'Dollar Stretching Decorating ' book I found at a thrift store ( for a dollar!).

If you have a small room with not much wall space you can turn the window into a great storage area with simple shelves.   So useful and still allows all that natural light in!

Does your apartment window overlook the parking lot?  The dumpster?  Block it off with a divider screen and put your bed in front of that.  Gives you a lot more options of how to arrange furniture in the room.

How cute is this?  A white rice paper blind and a shelf for plants.

This is a trompe l'oeil blind embroidered on a length of sheer fabric.  You could do the same thing with fabric markers.

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