Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Granite, No Stainless Steel

If you have a less-than-perfect kitchen and a less-than-huge budget, get creative!  Don't be afraid to paint cupboards, take the doors off,  or even take them down.

Take the doors off just one section for a pretty display area.  Fill the holes from the hardware and paint the insides too.  Organization is key for this look - no messiness allowed!

Take some bottom doors off and use baskets to store kitchen linens.  If your cupboards are ugly anyway, paint them a fearless color!

Look at this island!  Brilliant!  Find a dull old piece of furniture (make sure the height is right for you to work at) and re-purpose.  Add a shelf on the bottom for baskets - doesn't have to be fancy if you're going to paint it anyway.  The white baskets in this picture are old picnic baskets - still easy to find and thrift stores and also painted.  The cutting board on this one looks custom made but you can just buy a large one inexpensively at Ikea.

I see a lot of these old armoires at used furniture stores.  They're from a time when houses didn't have closets and people didn't have that much stuff.  Perfect to create a pantry.

                                 Whatever the problem is, great fabric is usually the answer.

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