Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things Used for Other Things

This is such a great idea!  These toothbrush holders are common at thrift stores - and usually too small to hold toothbrushes.  Rescue odd shakers (I have a whole little collection - I always feel sorry for them!).  Put little single flowers or greenery in them and group together.  Saved from the landfill and so creative!

Love this!  Really useful idea for a studio space - not just for inspirational pictures but what about fabric?  If you have it out in view you're more likely to use it.  Vintage wallpaper samples, bits of lace trim, collage papers...

I know this is kind of obvious but I was at the Goodwill the other day and saw so many odd pieces of clear vintage glassware.  One of those things I didn't buy because I couldn't think of what to do with it.  Well, here it is!

A really useful and decorative idea for a lovely old tray.  I notice that they have it leaning against the wall rather than hanging.  I have tried this a few times and couldn't find any glue that would hold a hanger on the back.  Maybe Gorilla glue?  I don't know but I like leaning - leaning is good.

O.K., I know it's summer in Texas and we don't have a lot of rubber boot issues, but isn't this so inventive?  Those little rock things are at the dollar store - probably the tray too.  Too cute!

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