Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Summer Rooms


This is such a light and airy room and totally vintage.  Never overlook old wicker chairs if they're still strong.  A good cleaning in the sun and some white paint work wonders.  Love the bits of vintage fabric on these - you don't need big expensive pieces - just mix and match your favorites.

Collect pretty pottery and old jars from thrift stores or Etsy and add lots of shells and beach finds (FREE - my absolute favorite price!).

Hippie chic at the cottage.  Again, the white paint is key!  Personalize each child's bed instead of matchy-matchy.  Add a few fun accents and that's it.  You can find darling banners on Etsy or make your own.  This peace sign version is perfect for the kids room and might even work.

A single bed on the sun porch is perfect for lazy summer days.  This corner is so inviting for reading and lounging during the day and who doesn't need an extra bed for guests in the summer? 

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